Dao Minh Hoang, a Research associate of the Vietnam Industrial Innovation Index project, is working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Investment at the National Economics University (NEU). He holds a Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance and Management from the University of Bristol (UK). He was the member of the Ministry of Investment and Planning research project “Public Investment Management at Autonomous Public Universities in Vietnam” in 2020-2022.

His research areas cover topics related to investment and financial management, aiming to provide insights into effective strategies and decision-making processes in these areas. He researches a variety of topics, including investment analysis, portfolio management, financial risk management, and financial markets. Through his research, he seeks to contribute to the understanding and development of investment methods and financial management techniques. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in NEU, working on the topic of Artificial Intelligence adoption in healthcare. Besides pursuing his research, MSc Dao Minh Hoang also plays an important role in teaching and mentoring students. He has mentored several student-led startups in an annual startup competition in his university. Regarding industry experience, he has 6 years experience working in different roles, such as business consultant, strategy consultant at Hoang Long Clinic, a medical clinic chain based in Hanoi. He has also published scientific articles and given speeches at seminars on topics such as investment terminology, investment cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, factors affecting the application of telehealth in health facilities in Vietnam. The publications of Hoang have been published in some domestic journals such as Medical Research Journal, Journal of Economics Forecasting, and various other conferences.