Professor Rohit Verma (Professor, Field of Operations Technology and Information Management) is currently the Founding Provost of VinUniversity and the Leader of the Vietnam Industry Innovation Index. Before being appointed to his current position at VinUniversity, he was the Dean of External Relations for Cornell SC Johnson College of Business from 2016 to 2019. Previously, Professor Rohit Verma was honoured as the Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor, the Executive Director for Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures and the Executive Director of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research.

He has published more than 75 articles in prestigious academic journals such as Production and Operations Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Management, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, etc. His research focuses on several key areas, including sustainability, healthcare operations, service supply chain management, and revenue management. In the area of sustainability, Professor Verma studies strategies and practices that integrate environmental and social considerations into operational decision-making processes. By developing innovative solutions, he aims to minimise the environmental impact of the operations while maintaining efficiency and profitability. In healthcare practices, Professor Verma’s research explores methods to enhance the delivery and quality of healthcare services. He looks at issues related to patient flow, capacity management, and resource allocation, with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare system performance and patient results. With his expertise and extensive knowledge, the professor is often invited to present his research, give keynote speeches, and participate in panel discussions at major industrial and academic conferences around the world.

During his tenure, Professor Verma has received numerous awards such as Lifetime Achievement Award from Production and Operations Management Society’s College of Service Operation; several industry-related Awards from the Cornell Center for Service Research, the Skinner Award for Early Career Research Achievement from the Society for Production and Operations Management; The Spirit of Inquiry Award for his academic work at DePaul University and countless